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'Top targets' shows marginal seats where the Tories came 1st or 2nd in 2017

ConstituencyLikely contest (2019)Tactical voteMargin (2017)
1. Perth and North PerthshireSNP vs Con.SNP0.04%
2. KensingtonLabour vs Con.Labour0.05%
3. Dudley NorthLabour vs Con.Labour0.06%
4. Southampton, ItchenCon. vs LabourLabour0.07%
5. Newcastle-Under-LymeLabour vs Con.Labour0.07%
6. Richmond ParkCon. vs Lib DemLib Dem0.07%
7. Crewe and NantwichLabour vs Con.Labour0.09%
8. StirlingCon. vs SNPSNP0.30%
9. CanterburyLabour vs Con.Labour0.33%
10. Barrow and FurnessLabour vs Con.Labour0.44%
11. KeighleyLabour vs Con.Labour0.46%
12. Lanark and Hamilton EastSNP vs Con.SNP0.53%
13. St IvesCon. vs Lib DemLib Dem0.61%
14. PudseyCon. vs LabourLabour0.61%
15. Hastings and RyeCon. vs LabourLabour0.63%
16. Chipping BarnetCon. vs LabourLabour0.64%
17. ThurrockCon. vs LabourLabour0.69%
18. Preseli PembrokeshireCon. vs LabourLabour0.74%
19. AshfieldLabour vs Con.Labour0.88%
20. Calder ValleyCon. vs LabourLabour1.05%
21. StroudLabour vs Con.Labour1.08%
22. Norwich NorthCon. vs LabourLabour1.10%
23. Bishop AucklandLabour vs Con.Labour1.16%
24. PeterboroughLabour vs Con.Labour1.27%
25. Oxford West and AbingdonLib Dem vs Con.Lib Dem1.36%
26. Westmorland and LonsdaleLib Dem vs Con.Lib Dem1.50%
27. Colne ValleyLabour vs Con.Labour1.51%
28. BroxtoweCon. vs LabourLabour1.55%
29. Stoke-On-Trent SouthCon. vs LabourLabour1.59%
30. TelfordCon. vs LabourLabour1.61%
31. IpswichLabour vs Con.Labour1.63%
32. BedfordLabour vs Con.Labour1.63%
33. Stockton SouthLabour vs Con.Labour1.65%
34. Bolton WestCon. vs LabourLabour1.83%
35. AberconwyCon. vs LabourLabour1.98%
36. Northampton NorthCon. vs LabourLabour2.00%
37. HendonCon. vs LabourLabour2.05%
38. MansfieldCon. vs LabourLabour2.11%
39. Middlesbrough South and East ClevelandCon. vs LabourLabour2.14%
40. Edinburgh South WestSNP vs Con.SNP2.22%
41. Warwick and LeamingtonLabour vs Con.Labour2.23%
42. Milton Keynes SouthCon. vs LabourLabour2.58%
43. Penistone and StocksbridgeLabour vs Con.Labour2.66%
44. Carshalton and WallingtonLib Dem vs Con.Lib Dem2.70%
45. Argyll and ButeSNP vs Con.SNP2.76%
46. EastbourneLib Dem vs Con.Lib Dem2.80%
47. Central AyrshireSNP vs Con.SNP2.81%
48. Northampton SouthCon. vs LabourLabour2.82%
49. PendleCon. vs LabourLabour2.85%
50. Morecambe and LunesdaleCon. vs LabourLabour3.06%
51. Milton Keynes NorthCon. vs LabourLabour3.09%
52. LincolnLabour vs Con.Labour3.16%
53. Finchley and Golders GreenUnusual seatNot sure3.16%
54. Camborne and RedruthCon. vs LabourLabour3.25%
55. PutneyCon. vs LabourLabour3.31%
56. Harrow EastCon. vs LabourLabour3.46%
57. Portsmouth SouthLabour vs Con.Labour3.49%
58. WatfordCon. vs LabourLabour3.57%
59. CopelandCon. vs LabourLabour3.95%
60. Morley and OutwoodCon. vs LabourLabour4.02%
61. Vale Of GlamorganCon. vs LabourLabour4.08%
62. Warrington SouthLabour vs Con.Labour4.11%
63. Derby NorthLabour vs Con.Labour4.14%
64. High PeakLabour vs Con.Labour4.31%
65. BatterseaLabour vs Con.Labour4.39%
66. CorbyCon. vs LabourLabour4.48%
67. CheltenhamCon. vs Lib DemLib Dem4.51%
68. WakefieldLabour vs Con.Labour4.70%
69. South SwindonCon. vs LabourLabour4.81%
70. GordonCon. vs SNPSNP4.86%
71. WorcesterCon. vs LabourLabour4.88%
72. CrawleyCon. vs LabourLabour4.89%
73. Blackpool North and CleveleysCon. vs LabourLabour4.93%
74. Wolverhampton South WestLabour vs Con.Labour5.16%
75. Chingford and Woodford GreenCon. vs LabourLabour5.19%
76. WrexhamLabour vs Con.Labour5.22%
77. Reading WestCon. vs LabourLabour5.56%
78. Stoke-On-Trent NorthLabour vs Con.Labour5.65%
79. North East DerbyshireCon. vs LabourLabour5.68%
80. DewsburyLabour vs Con.Labour5.87%
81. Ayr, Carrick and CumnockCon. vs SNPSNP6.00%
82. CarlisleCon. vs LabourLabour6.04%
83. SouthportCon. vs LabourLabour6.08%
84. Vale Of ClwydLabour vs Con.Labour6.15%
85. Ochil and South PerthshireCon. vs SNPSNP6.20%
86. Rossendale and DarwenCon. vs LabourLabour6.41%
87. AngusCon. vs SNPSNP6.58%
88. Kingston and SurbitonLib Dem vs Con.Lib Dem6.63%
89. Truro and FalmouthCon. vs LabourLabour6.69%
90. North NorfolkLib Dem vs Con.Lib Dem6.73%
91. Reading EastLabour vs Con.Labour6.79%
92. Scarborough and WhitbyCon. vs LabourLabour6.81%
93. Walsall NorthCon. vs LabourLabour6.82%
94. StevenageCon. vs LabourLabour6.86%
95. GowerLabour vs Con.Labour7.17%
96. Blackpool SouthLabour vs Con.Labour7.22%
97. Great GrimsbyLabour vs Con.Labour7.22%
98. DarlingtonLabour vs Con.Labour7.32%
99. Carmarthen West and South PembrokeshireCon. vs LabourLabour7.37%
100. North Ayrshire and ArranSNP vs Con.SNP7.66%
101. Weaver ValeLabour vs Con.Labour7.76%
102. North DevonCon. vs Lib DemLib Dem7.78%
103. Rother ValleyLabour vs Con.Labour7.84%
104. LoughboroughCon. vs LabourLabour7.88%
105. Cardiff NorthLabour vs Con.Labour8.02%
106. Cities Of London and WestminsterCon. vs LabourLabour8.14%
107. CheadleCon. vs Lib DemLib Dem8.26%
108. Filton and Bradley StokeCon. vs LabourLabour8.26%
109. Bolton North EastLabour vs Con.Labour8.40%
110. Clwyd WestCon. vs LabourLabour8.45%
111. ScunthorpeLabour vs Con.Labour8.53%
112. MorayCon. vs SNPSNP8.74%
113. ShipleyCon. vs LabourLabour8.77%
114. East RenfrewshireCon. vs SNPSNP8.77%
115. Bristol North WestLabour vs Con.Labour8.80%
116. Banff and BuchanCon. vs SNPSNP8.87%
117. Enfield, SouthgateLabour vs Con.Labour9.01%
118. GedlingLabour vs Con.Labour9.08%
119. ErewashCon. vs LabourLabour9.11%
120. Bury NorthLabour vs Con.Labour9.13%
121. BassetlawLabour vs Con.Labour9.29%
122. Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and StrathspeySNP vs Con.SNP9.33%
123. WorkingtonLabour vs Con.Labour9.42%
124. East Worthing and ShorehamCon. vs LabourLabour9.61%
125. SherwoodCon. vs LabourLabour9.74%
126. Croydon CentralLabour vs Con.Labour9.90%