General election 2024

Oxford East

Tactical voting recommendation

Not needed

2019 election result

  Labour 57%

  Tories 20.9%

  Lib Dem 13.9%

  Green 4.8%

  Brexit Party 2.3%

This is a 'safe' seat for a progressive party. We believe tactical voting is not needed this time. We encourage you to vote for your preferred party.

Poll check

This election has seen a large amount of polling. Our recommendations are not based on polling, but we do check to spot possible errors. This is what the pollsters say here:

Pollster Winner Runner-up Implied tactical
YouGov Labour 59% Green 12% None
Survation Labour 53% Lib Dem 13% None
Ipsos Labour 61% Green 17% None
Savanta Labour 61% Tory 19% Labour
Focaldata Labour 69% Tory 12% Labour
WeThink Labour 63% Tory 13% Labour
Electoral Calculus Labour 57% Tory 17% Labour
More in Common Labour 62% Tory 13% Labour
JL Partners Labour 54% Tory 18% Labour

Thank you to Apogee for collating the polls.

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