Marginal seats near 

Marginal constituencies are the contests in the election that are expected to be closest, based on the 2017 result. They are the most important seats to target for tactical voting, and wider campaigning for the party that can stop the Tories there.

ConstituencyLikely contest (2019)Tactical voteMargin (2017)Distance
GedlingLabour vs Con.Labour9.08%0 miles
BroxtoweCon. vs LabourLabour1.55%6 miles
SherwoodCon. vs LabourLabour9.74%7 miles
ErewashCon. vs LabourLabour9.11%9 miles
AshfieldLabour vs Con.Labour0.88%10 miles
MansfieldCon. vs LabourLabour2.11%12 miles
LoughboroughCon. vs LabourLabour7.88%16 miles
Derby NorthLabour vs Con.Labour4.14%17 miles
North East DerbyshireCon. vs LabourLabour5.68%23 miles
BassetlawLabour vs Con.Labour9.29%25 miles
Rother ValleyLabour vs Con.Labour7.84%28 miles
LincolnLabour vs Con.Labour3.16%28 miles
Sheffield, HallamLabour vs Lib DemNone3.73%31 miles
Penistone and StocksbridgeLabour vs Con.Labour2.66%39 miles
CorbyCon. vs LabourLabour4.48%42 miles
Stoke-On-Trent SouthCon. vs LabourLabour1.59%43 miles
High PeakLabour vs Con.Labour4.31%43 miles
PeterboroughLabour vs Con.Labour1.27%44 miles
ScunthorpeLabour vs Con.Labour8.53%44 miles
Stoke-On-Trent NorthLabour vs Con.Labour5.65%46 miles
Walsall NorthCon. vs LabourLabour6.82%46 miles
Newcastle-Under-LymeLabour vs Con.Labour0.07%47 miles