Let's make this the tactical voting election

Raised so far: £5,728

Target: £10,000

For every £20, we can reach another 1,000 people

This is the election of a lifetime – and there's only one way to win it. Stopping Boris Johnson's extreme Tories, and stopping Brexit, will come down to how many people decide to vote tactically this time.

That's why we are launching a mass, grassroots tactical voting campaign, combining social media with press, street promotion and digital ads to spread the message as far as possible.

Stopping the Tories means explaining what tactical voting is, and how to do it, to millions of people who may have never heard of the idea before.

We know from our 2017 general election data that every £20 donated lets us tell an extra 1,000 people about tactical voting.

Our record

Over half a million people have looked up their constituency's tactical voting recommendation here on since the election was called. The site has over 100,000 likes and shares on Facebook and is currently the top-ranking site on Google for most UK tactical voting searches. We also made the most accurate tactical voting recommendations in 2017.

Our simple, transparent method and open data approach makes us different to other tactical voting sites. We believe all of this is a strong platform to build on as the election intensifies.

The plan

We plan to combine further work on this site with social media campaigning, press, street leafleting, and more, to show that this election is a simple choice: Boris Johnson's Brexit Tories, or a tactical vote to stop them.

• Further development of this website as the election progresses and full candidate lists are published.

• Social media graphics and video campaign – focusing on high-quality shareable content instead of just ads pushed into feeds.

• Building a 'street team', with stickers, posters and other materials for grassroots campaigners. (We've started posting out these materials now!)

• Ads aimed at people actively looking for election information about key marginal constituencies – the ones most likely to be affected by tactical voting.

Don't leave it until later in the election – the sooner we receive your donation, the sooner we can spend it on telling more people about tactical voting.

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