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Tactical voting can stop the Tories

Find your most effective tactical vote for the next general election

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How tactical voting works

Tactical voting lets you use your vote strategically to get the overall election result you want to see.

The UK uses an election system called first-past-the-post, where a candidate who most voters do not want can win by getting more votes than a divided opposition.

By voting tactically, you can overcome this problem, by backing the party that has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives where you live. This website is a tool to help you decide on your tactical vote.

When is the next election?

The tactical voting information on this site has been updated, ready for the next general election. However, we do not yet know when this election will be called.

The election is widely expected to be in 2024 or early 2025, but if the government falls or a prime minister decides to call it sooner, then it could happen any time, at relatively short notice.

That is why we have got the site here and ready to go for the day when the election is called.